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Bicycling in Bagan, Myanmar

by joji

July 24, 2012 We spent our final day bicycling in Bagan, but mostly to run errands and see a couple more temples. We rented our bicycles in the morning near the market in Nyaung U.  There are plenty of places to choose from so make sure you test the bike including the brakes before you […]

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Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India

by Heidi

We wouldn’t call our journey through India a vacation.  Perhaps an experience or an adventure, but not a vacation.  Once we reached Havelock Island we were ready for a vacation from our journey!  It was perfect timing for some well-needed rest and relaxation. The first day we arrived in the late afternoon.  We found a […]

Bamboo Rafting Down the Yulong River, Yangshuo

by Heidi

May 7, 2009: Our original plan was to take a river cruise down the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, but our hosts at the Yangshuo Outside Inn convinced us that the better way to explore the beauty of Guilin (Yangshuo) was to take a bamboo raft down the Yulong River.  So, on our first […]

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Bicycling around the Xi’ An Wall

by Heidi

May 6, 2009: Our last day in Xi’ An we woke up early to ride bicycles on the city wall which is a square around the old city.  There are multiple entrances to get on the wall, but we are uncertain if they are all open.  To be certain and for the grand view, we […]

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