Adventures of George and Heidi


Uncle Tan’s- Day 2: Night Hike

by Heidi

After dinner (which we did get to eat) it was time for our night hike so we had to put on another thick coat of bug repellent, grab our flash lights and tromp  off into the dark swampy humid forest surrounding camp.  I wasn’t so sure heading into the jungle at night was a good idea because we now realize that Uncle Tan’s is not the most prepared for a disaster or even a small medical emergency.  During the day a couple of people cut themselves during the football game and they didn’t even have bandages for them.  So what would happen if someone got bit by a snake or some other creature?   Good thing there are not many big predators here (just small cats and little bears).  But it’s also the time when snakes, scorpions and other creatures come out!

Pretty bird

Pretty bird sleeping


Frog in the swamp

Tree Frog

Tree Frog

Tree Frog

Tree Frog with attitude


Dave smelling the Millipede

Did you know that tractor millipedes smell like black cherry?  It’s amazing!  Their scent is supposed to be a defense mechanism, but to humans, they smell delicious!

George becoming one with nature

George becoming one with nature

This Nimph Butterfly landed on George at the beginning of our hike.  We thought it would fly away after a few seconds, but it stuck with him for 45 minutes!

Luckily but also a little disappointingly, we did not see any snakes or scorpions!  None, nada, zilch!  Bu that’s okay!  It was probably for the best ;).  So what was the most amazing thing about the night?  For us, we were lucky that the skies were clear and we witnessed the most amazing star filled sky imaginable!  Sorry, but we were not able to take any photos since we didn’t have a tripod.

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  1. audrey says:

    hey george and heidi, really enjoyed reading about your wildlife adventures through sabah. enjoy the rest of your trip.